GIULLIANO GALLUPI Providing diet and training solutions for beginners/advanced and athletes.
Gallupi Strength Condition became well respected and expanded across the world through. It's online training serving UFC athletes, track and field champions, fitness and bodybuilding champions, and people that are just looking for a healthier life style with clients in Brazil, USA, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, Singapore and Italy. Giulliano Gallupi is from Brazil. He has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and specialized on high performance strength conditioning and functional training. Giulliano had been a member of the Regional and Federal Council of Physical Education in Brazil. He started his work with athletes in 1997, which awarded him almost 20 years of practical experience. Gallupi’s history in sports began at the age of five with Judo and that lead to a passion for martial arts, which has extended to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in which he has earned a second degree black belt.
Giulliano has also excelled in academics where he did extensive research and published articles that he presented at conferences in Brazil and abroad always striving to extend his knowledge in sports nutrition and physical training. To further extend this project, in 2009 Giulliano received an offer to open a training center in the United States and that is when the program Gallupi Strength Conditioning was created for nutrition and physical preparation.

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